The architect who combines in his being the powers of vision, of imagination, of intellect, of sympathy with human need and the power to interpret them in a language vernacular and time - is he who shall create poems in stone.

Louis Sullivan

 P&H Northcrest Catalog: 5-Pages

The second catalog consists of 5 pages, the first being the cover and the last a neighborhood plot map. The second page shows six home models (I call the P&H Phase 1 Style 1-6 on the site), the third page shows some of the advantages of these homes (these pages are basically the same as the first catalog, only some of the verbiage has been edited). Page four talks to the Pool, Park and Recreation center, and page 5 is the plot map. The plot map also shows Hidden Acres, Concord Manor and a piece of Northcrest East - Valley Bluff and Lynnray Roads.

The cover of the P&H Catalog features the original Northcrest logo with what I call a Phase 1 Style 1 design. In this scan you can see the crown shape above the crest that does not show in the other catalog. Text above the image reads "planned from the ground-up for leisure living", - below the image reads "homes of tomorrow.. today" and the P&H Realty Company contact information is in the banner at the bottom (Phone GLendale 7-0121 Doraville Ga.). Also Tom Longino's name and contact information have been added in the lower right.

The second page displays the six "Custom Designs" offered from this catalog using the same graphics and layout as used in the earlier catalog - four considered Mid-Century Modern and two traditional (although the latter two have MCM elements). Prices have gone up a bit in this catalog, ranging from $20,250 to $25,000 for the same Style 6 MCM home. Other prices are adjusted about the same amount.

The third page reuses the same graphics as the earlier catalog, however a shaded background has been added (I presume to add some visual interest to the page). The text at top has been added and really expands the marketing message. The bulleted list at the bottom has been edited (the omission of Trane as the HVAC provider is the most obvious - it now reads "Central heating with optional air-conditioning. Wiring and ducts are set up for central air conditioning").

Page 4 captures the trapezoidal pool and club-house (I don't believe a club house as rendered was ever built - however a pool-house with covered decking exists on the lot today). The page expounds the healthy aspect of having a pool and recreation center. The original Family membership is listed at $250 with a yearly $50 maintenance fee. The addition of this page is perhaps the most significant change to the catalog and provides content relevant to the builder's intentions for the 1963 period.

The final page is plot-map of Northcrest, Hidden Acres, Concord Manor and the western-most part of Northcrest East. The Tennis Courts and Northcrest Swim Club show on the map as well as the Dekalb City Park and Northeast Athletic, Football and Baseball fields.

Copies provided by Chuck Hunt, former Neighborhood Association President.